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Hidden fees. Really tiny fine print. Overbooked airplanes. Hypnotic hold music. Ah, what companies force us to put up with everyday! If we didn't laugh at these itchy little grains of sand in the bathing suit of life, we'd have to cry, or perhaps even scream in the grocery line. But we all know screaming doesn't get you invited to many parties. So let's kick back and have some therapeutic yuks at the millions of little ways companies stick it to us.

Check out these recent rants from everyday people about the Everyday Hogwash they've endured, and then why not contribute your own posting on your blog or website to our Hogpile? Your family, friends and co-workers will appreciate the calmer, saner you... and you might even win some cash and services provided by The Online Marketing Gurus if you catch the judges' eyes. Our group laugh therapy continues through March 31..

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Welcome to the launch day of Everyday Hogwash! If the place looks like it is just getting going, that's because it is: your submissions are needed to make it complete. Did we mention there are prizes involved? Join us tomorrow for the first round of daily submissions and winners!

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